The twenty countries with Learning Spanish Online as the official language are spread between two sides of the Atlantic Ocean and one side of the Pacific Ocean. Of course, each country has been influenced by the language of Spain, indirectly or directly, because of the role the Spaniards had in the exploration of the New World. As a result, to understand the difference in Spanish between Latin America must understand the language in Spain. Spain has many main languages, including Basque, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, and Castellano (Towanda). The latter was the language with the most directive influence in the New World, but it was not the only language that influences Spanish in the Americas (Towanda). In the old Euskera, the language of the Basque Country, it did not have the sound f (Lengua). This affected the Castilian; when the other Romance languages have the sound f in a Castilian word spell the word with the letter h (Lengua).

For example, the Latin word Learning Spanish Online means faim in French, fame in Italian, but hambre (hunger) in Spanish because the spelling pattern of the rest of the Romance languages does not apply to castellano (Language). However, apart from that connection, Basque does not have many similarities with castellano at all; Unlike Spanish, Basque is not part of the Ibero-Romance language group (Langfocus). Basque is a unique language; it is believed to be the last preceding language of the Indo-European languages in eastern Europe still in use (Langfocus). While much information about the Basque language is unknown, there is no doubt that the Basque people were isolated for thousands of years by the result of the mountains; this made invasion by others rather difficult (Langfocus).

The Languages of Spain- Catalan and Gallego
Catalan is the dominant language of Learning Spanish Online , and is used in the Balearic Islands and parts of Valencia as well (Regional). French has influenced Catalan, which can be seen by the words automòbil (car), metre (meter), and princesa (princess) (List). It has very similar with Valencian, but the two languages have enough differences to be considered separated (Regional). Gallego is one more official language of Spain, specifically in the region Galicia (Regional). This language is close to Portuguese (Regional). Galician and Castilian were thought to be the same language until the eleventh century because the two are the Romance language group (Nadeau).

The Languages of Spain- Castellano
Castellano is the most well-known Learning Spanish Online outside of Spain (Towanda). The name is of the Castilla region and also the reign corresponds (Nadeau). This language is from vulgar Latin. The words castellano and español can be used as synonyms, but that is not always the case. Some Spanish speakers have a strong preference for one word or the other. The people of Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia, El Salvador, and Argentina prefer the word castellano shows the difference between them and Spain (Lipski, Nadeau). On the other side, Central Americans, Mexicans, Colombians, and Spanish speakers of the Caribbean prefer the word español because it signifies unity of the Spanish speakers to them (Lipski).

Castellano vs Español
From now on, I will use the word Learning Spanish Online specifically for Spanish in Spain and the word español for Spanish in Latin America. A prominent difference between castellano and español is the use of el voseo (Erichsen). El voseo (the second person singular form of pronouns and verbs) is frequently used in Spain. However, the only Latin American countries to use el voseo are Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay (Erichsen). The other Latin American countries prefer to use the singular tú (informal you) forms of verbs (Erichsen). The vocabulary and spelling is different between castellano and español as well (Erichsen). For example, the word for operating a vehicle is manejar in castellano and conducir in español (Erichsen). Also, the word for computer is el ordenador in castellano yet la computadora in español (Erichsen). The places Mexico and Texas are spelled with the letter x in español while in castellano they are spelled with the letter j (Erichsen). In addition, to describe something in the Learning Spanish Online past, the present perfect is used in castellano while the past tense is used in español.


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