Tuesday, November 19, 2019

About our school

Minerva Spanish School and Cultural Center was founded in 1990. Our school is a small and cozy school with university trained teachers who are providing an intensive program for each level of Spanish.

Minerva strives to impart a better understanding of not only the language, but of the culture, economy, politics, history and anthropology of Guatemala.

We believe in peace, quality, education, the preservation of the environment and that we are responsible for the future of the world. The combination of this philosophy along with our language programs has made Minerva Spanish School & Cultural Center a special school in Guatemala… And each year there is a growing number of students attending our Spanish school from around the world. See Former Students.

Minerva Spanish School & Cultural Center is legally registered and qualified by the National Tourist Institute and the Guatemala Department of Education.

Recent Awards & Special Recognitions

High Quality of Education Award
Escuela Minerva received the prize of High Quality of Education from the Municipal government of Quetzaltenango, presented by the Mayor of Quetzaltenango. This prize was presented to the top ten qualifying schools in the Western departments of Guatemala for the year 2003.

Recognized Escuela Minerva as the premier school in Quetzaltenango for the last three years. The listing can be viewed at Guatemalaweb.com.

Delta Airlines
Certified Escuela Minerva in 2003 as an official training center for Delta Airlines employees.

AAA (American Automobile Association)
Recognized Escuela Minerva for 2001-2003 among the top Ten Spanish Schools in Guatemala.

NISGUA (Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala)
Escuela Minerva is the only school in Guatemala recognized by NISGUA  Click here to read commentary by the 2003 NISGUA Scholarship winners.

Spanish School Association of Quetzaltenango
Escuela Minerva held the office of president for the Spanish School Association of Quetzaltenango for the year 2001-2002 and we currently hold the commission for the training and qualification of Spanish teachers.

University of Guatemala
We are an officially recognized institution by the University of Guatemala, San Carlos.

Loyola University
Through the Loyola Institute in Guatemala, Escuela Minerva teachers are officially certified by Loyola University for the Americas, based in Miami, Florida.