Friday, October 18, 2019

Tuition Costs

How to enroll at Minerva Spanish School

To enroll each student must submit an application and a one time (non-refundable) $30.00 US Registration Fee. This fee guarantees your enrollment in the school and your room for 7 days with a Guatemalan Family. This fee is used to help offset some necessary school expenses (ie print advertising, mailings, web hosting, design & maintenance, flyers and other promotional expenses).

You may fill out your application and make a reservation online through our secure server, by US Mail or by fax.
Payment methods are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Order or Check.

You may pay the Registration Fee using our secure online Reservation Form, or use our Printable Order Form which you can then send via Fax.

This Registration Fee is NOT part of your Tuition, which you will pay upon arrival. You may pay your Tuition in US Dollars, Guatemalan Quetzals or Traveler’s Checks.

When your application and Registration Fee have been received, you will receive an email confirmation of your reservation at the school. Please remember that simply requesting classes by email does not guarantee you a space in the school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us
us anytime!

U.S. $150 Tuition Cost Includes
Starting in May 2008 – Tuition = $175.00

A Spanish Language course of five hours a day, 5 days a week with use of all materials available in the school.

Certificate indicating the level of Spanish attained during your study at Minerva Spanish School.

Homestay ONLY at Minerva Spanish School is $80.00/week.

Classes ONLY at Minerva Spanish School are $100.00/week.

Promoción Especial!

For students who are willing to commit to 10 weeks or more of Spanish study, we offer a extended study discount of $160.00 per week. Contact Us for further information regarding this offer.

If you would like to pay your tuition by credit card you may do so once you are here in Xela. An $8.00 extra fee per week is charged to cover the cost of processing a credit card payment. Tuition payment using credit card: $158.00/week

Starting in May 2008 – Tuition payment by credit card will be $10.00 more or $185.00 per week if you pay by credit card.

National Holidays in Guatemala
We do not have classes on these dates, but frequently schedule special activities.

  1. 31st and 1st of January.
  2. 24th and 25th of December.
  3. 1st of May, International day observing labor.
  4. 30th of October, National day of the revolution, parades and other festival activities.
  5. 1st of November, Dia de Los Muertos, (Day of the Dead). Special activities at the local cemetery, music, food celebrations. Organized student activities this day.
  6. 15th of September, Independence of Guatemala. Activities include the largest celebration in Central America, parades, fireworks displays, etc.
  7. 25th of June, Day of the Teacher
  8. Good Friday of Easter, Semana Santa. Country-wide celebration including processions, parades, local acts and folkloric traditions.  Student groups organized.