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Volunteer Opportunities


We need students to teach basic English in a poor, public school here in Xela. The students are from 6-12 years old. The teaching will take place Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Your Spanish classes will take place in the afternoon (2pm-7pm). 
There is a 3 week minimum committment required to volunteer. 

Please contact us if you are interested.

La Escuela Democracia

There are many places in Guatemala where one is reminded that they are in the heart of an impoverished country. La Escuela Democracia is no exception. What they lack monetarily, they make up for in spirit, strength and character.

This tiny school hosts almost 400 students ranging from level K-6. The school is looking for dedicated individuals to volunteer for a minimum of 3 weeks. Classroom hours are 7am-1pm with a 45 minute recess. Volunteers are welcome to work with the school to create a schedule that is conducive to their Spanish language instruction. Students who plan on spending additional time in Quetzaltenango are invited to continue teaching at the school once they have completed their studies at la Escuela Minerva.

The classroom size is 20-25 students, but they are well-behaved and have a strong desire to learn English. Some teaching materials can be provided, although it is advised that you bring any resources you may require, such as activity books, games, etc. Please note that there are many ESL/EFL internet sites that offer lesson plans and teaching activities for all ages and levels.

Volunteering is an excellent way to practice your Spanish and become part of the community. This program is ideal for anyone interested in gaining experience teaching abroad and teachers alike. An intermediate level of Spanish is preferred but not required. Transportation is not provided. If you are interested in making a donation to Escuela Democracia, please contact Julio Lima for more information. The school is in dire need of ordinary school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Please note that these items are available at a lower cost in Guatemala for those interested in making a monetary donation.

Megan Magaldino 7 junio 2007

“We had an excellent experience teaching English at a primary school in Xela. The school is very poor, but the kids were always in high-spirits and so excited to learn English!  You definately have to be a self starter for this type of job, planning and coming up with resources yourself, but it is very rewarding and we recommend it if you like teaching kids and are going to be around Xeal for a while”

Cara (           
Aron (

¨Sobre mi trabajo en la Escuela de la Democracia puedo decir que al principio fue un poco difícil, sobre todo porque no tuve apoyo y me senti un poco solita,  pero despues de unos dias me acostumbre a la situación. Creo que es normal. Antes de venir a Xela me prepare. Lleve unos libros para la enseñanza que fue muy útil. La escuela es muy pobre, para enseñar Inglés una preparación es necesario porque en la escuela no hay ningun libro de Inglés, ni otra material como dibujos. Tambien fue difícil tantos niños, el ruido de las clases al lado, sin paredes, los maestros que tenian gritar. Tengo mucho
respeto para los maestros en esta escuela. pero, despues de unas semanas me gusto ir a la escuela, conociendo muchos
nombres etc.  Dejo la escuela satisfecha, los chicos me gustaban muchos eran amables, para mi una experiencia inolvidable. Pienso que 4 semanas es muy poco y espero que haya unos voluntarios para continuar enseñando Inglés.¨ 



The Clinic of San Antonio is a Med. School clinic from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala.  Forth-year students do their family practice here. It is located in a marginal area serving mainly very poor people. They charge a low cost for the consultation and try to give the medicine at no cost.

They are happy to recieve volunteers (doctors and nurses).

They also need of donations in form of medicins. They are mainly in need of antiflamatories, antibiotics, diabetic medication, high-blood medication, any lab supplies and equipment and/or used computers; and recent medical journals.


Project ‘Solidaridad- foundation for the education of Guatemala’ was founded the first of July 1995 by a German teacher, Claudia Maria Strunk and Julio Rodolfo Lima, Director of the Minerva Spanish School. We hope to empower the people of Guatemala to overcome of the principle problems of their country. Shortage of education, medical assistance and poor housing conditions.

The project is primary aimed for children who need education but also includes medical assistance, education for woman, construction of schools, creation of small factories, social and economical studies of poor families. Our focus is to assist in the reconstruction of post-civil war Guatemala. There are no administrative expenses (realized by volunteers) and 100% of the funds received from international sources goes into direct help. 

What to bring for the project
We need a lot of books and different things for the children and women. If you have some clothes, books, toys at home that you are not using anymore, please, bring it to Guatemala and we will give it to the children and families who need it. 

Minerva Spanish School & Cultural Center, 24 Av. 4-39 Z.3. Quetzaltenango. Guatemala. Tel/Fax: ++502 7767 4427 e-mail:


FUNDABIEN is a NGO (Non Gobernal Organizacion) who works with handicapped children. They are providing therapy to improve quality of life, through increased mobility and improved social skills. The work takes place in the mornings (8am-2pm) Minimum one week and the work requires basic Spanish skills. Therapists, Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals, Occupational Therapists and those with a desire to help are welcome.

Please contact Licda. Roxana Maldonado     

Address: Diagonal 15 final, Las Rosas zona 5